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Love Remains

Dearly beloved... We've journeyed together for ages We've gone through many phases together We loved, laughed, sang, danced We played, prayed and when the time came to go we often stayed A hope, a dream we had yet we could not attain Change came, yet we fought for things to stay the same Fear of the unknown held us mercilessly in chains The very thing we did not know, through time we  all come and go But Love abounds and Love remains
Dearly beloved... I love  you so much that even though things did not go as we wished I am forever grateful for the things that did Yes, I sighed when I thought the end came too swift But now I am grateful for you were  to me a gift A teacher who's lessons I could never have missed A healer who's hands I could not have dismissed If not for you my ignorance would forever persist If not for you health would not have found my disease Now I know that Love abounds and Love remains
I'm truly grateful to know such love exists

Phemelo Motona