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I've gone far and beyond with  my imagination I've traveled through time and space I recall excess moments of joy and liberation Even if you tried you wouldn't trace
I've walked and seen great sorrow and indignation And yet I've been blessed with grace A wondrous journey of love peace and  positive imagination Oh what an awe inspiring embrace
I've not only walked, I've danced on water without deviation I've twirled and swirled and it felt safe And the wind has carried me away in intimation And secured me in many ways
I've seen the sun and the moon as part of my destination And there I saw His face He was happy to see me in my navigation Don't be a stranger, He says

Phemelo Motona

The Codependency Monologue

What is this that I feel in the depths of my chest charging all the way up to my throat? It has a familiar feeling to it, like de ja vu 
I remember you, I've seen, smelt and felt you before,... long time ago There was just something about you that sparked grief in my soul So I did all I knew to do at the time, I hit the road...
I ran away and ever since I've been on the run And today here we are again
Eye to eye in the lonely dark corner of my dilapidated house With no glass on the windows,everything worn and torn down This old abandoned house of mine with no inhabitants
Grass overgrown and garden turned forest in my yard of hearts And yet... here you are again
This must be the inevitable fear I must embrace I have ran in every way imaginable and yet you've kept the pace I have tried with all my might to outrun you and yet I remain dismayed
You just keep finding me. So,... here you are again Now that I have no where else to go, it's just you and me
Today I befriend you the very darknes…

Dear Self

Dear Self,

This letter has been long over due
I would like to start by saying I am sorry...

For ignoring you for as long as I've had you,
For not taking the time to really know and understand you,
For not taking the time to listen and empathize with you
For never taking the time to consider how you feel about the way I have been treating you
For not making you a priority

For judging, condemning, punishing and dismissing you,
For rebuking you every time you voiced your opinion and teaching you that you don't matter
For bullying you into compliance even when you cried and screamed no!
For pushing you into action even when you didn't have the strength to keep going

For not tending to you when you were sick and not nurturing you when you needed me
For not protecting you, instead violating, wounding and bruising you at the core
For leaving you in the care of others when I should have been the one taking care of you
For leaving you to fend for yourself when no one would take you into their spa…


Who am I? I am a human being not human doing I am that I am... I just am

Who am I? I am Life, Love and Light In pure passion, fire and zeal do I delight
I am Sound Wisdom, Knowledge and Judgement It's all in and around me for attainment
I am kindness, respect, forgiveness, acceptance and motivation My true self is she who needs my full attention
I am  Creator within the creature, beauty and nature Forever this mystery of life will I treasure
I am time, space and the epitome of evolution A visionary and pioneering spirit of revolution
Who am I? I am a human being not human doing I am that I am... I just am

Phemelo Motona

Life's perfect ironies

The greatest battle I ever won, was the one I lost The most beautiful thing I ever experienced was the one I thought was the worst
Lesson from the phoenix says through death comes rebirth For through the ashes there always arises something greater and purged
I guess this means in order to live we must die And in order to stay grounded we must learn how to fly
To love others we must first learn to love ourselves And forgive ourselves for ever embracing life as empty shells
Sometimes to eventually say yes, we may say many nos This is how we define ourselves and our life's goals
Many travel the world in search of what's outside themselves   Yeah, sometimes we go astray in order to find ourselves
Being in control means letting go Sometimes we need to give up in order to keep going
What is it that I seek? What is it that I need and desire? Is it the same thing I see? Is it the same thing that kindles my fire?
This is the one thing I've ever wanted to discover Finding my true power and the abili…


I close my eyes and drift away Far away to other planes with no delay there is no one else there where there is neither night nor day Only He who has made me, He who is called Ancient of days
He is a golden sheet of light and He wraps me He twirls me into a dance and tickles my very soul as we greet I am so wrapped by the sheet, I am one with Him I am the Sheet
I crack up in laughter as a float around in space Shimmering stars covering the sheet splitter like sun rays my heart wells up with gladness, I marvel at this place I am  one with happiness, peace, warmth, comfort,  protection, most of all, His warm embrace
The sheet becomes a liquid pouring from above I become a vessel and it fills me up with love I turn gold as I become filled, I become lighter and I feel more alive

I'm still dancing and twirling, I'm being filled to the brim and the overflowing The liquid becomes an ocean, I'm filled with warm sensations and a knowing That  as I twirl deep down into it I become one with the golde…

Emotional Prison

When the prison bars open....will free men remain or set to sail? Will they  remain eternal prisoners and keep their own dellusions sustained? Or will they leap and take a step towards freedom's domain? Will they sit and bask in the bounty of self-disdain?

 I dare try to break free from deceit For within this walls is not life, but death and destruction I dare try to open my eyes and see... I feel, I bleed...yet I remain intrigued...
How that these bars are the self-made and maintained... by fear of pain the firm walls remain. Yet I dare take a step towards freedom's domain I leap and reach out again and again Sometimes I feel the walls are closing in caging my chest with pain Yet this longing and hope for freedom remains 

The prison walls are painted with doubt and disbelief replete with a foul smell of  deceit and disease All the while its even hard to breathe  Even when I close my eyes and sleep Haunted by the same visions and dreams I will still choose to flee
Sorrow drowns my heart, for year…