From Us To You

We have been bruised, battered and discarded by those who were to love and care for us
They threw us out on the street and left us for dead 
They sold us like Judas sold the Christ for a shekel.
We died we died in bitterness and depth of sorrow,
of illnesses no one could diagnose.

Heavy was the load in our hearts as we cried, mourned and wailed.
But no one cared, no one dared to take a stand for truth and justice.
For man was out for selfish gain and profit, deceit and vain pride was the price
Our children were orphaned, despised and tossed asunder
We mourned and sighed and gave our last breath

For life we signed, gave in and died.
We sighed and surrendered to unconditional Love and Acceptance of all that is.
And what it is...A catalyst, a necessary phase in the evolution of our spirits.
For that we thank you, 
We have learnt to understand that we are not yours and neither are you ours.
But borrowed we were to each other only for a time and half we were.
The phase has passed, lessons learned, a new journey waits
A new phase awaits, new lessons, new teachers, our flight awaits
And so with long sought after gratitude we waive.
Good bye, so long mates,  good bye

Phemelo Motona


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